Flex Seal Liquid Reviews

My Official Flex Seal Liquid Review

Flex Seal LiquidFlex Seal Liquid is a “rubber in a can” that is designed to fix cracks, holes, and potential leaks, sealing out water, air & moisture.

As an avid DIY person, once I saw its commercial on TV I’ve decided I need to test it – it hit me with the promised convenience of use and I could right away visualize all the things I wanted to use it for.

Once I received the can, I immediately started playing with it.

Here is my full review and experience with Flex Seal Liquid. If you don’t want to read the whole thing, let’s just say I was surprised at how well it worked for me, and I’m glad I ended up trying it out.

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How does Flex Seal Liquid work?

Flex Seal Liquid comes in a form of black thick liquid that you can easily pour into the cracks or cover any holes with it. When it dries, it creates a flexible, watertight rubber coating that additionally protects the surface from rust and corrosion – depending of course on the material that you use it on. In fact, it can be used to secure and fix many different things around your house:

  • Fill foundation cracks, seal basement leaks, windows and roof
  • Enhance your tools & sporting equipment
  • Stop leaking water in the shower, bath, pipes and gutters
  • Protect sensitive places in your car, truck, camper or RVS
  • In your garden – seal the fountain, birdbaths, fishponds and rain barrels

Obviously, it can be applied wherever you feel the need – thanks to its convenient liquid form. In fact, you can easily brush it, pour it or roll it on a chosen surface or if you want, even dip the designated object in it. After that, all you need to do is wait for Flex Seal to dry and turn from a liquid, into flexible rubber.

Pros and Cons

I have almost finished my first can of Flex Seal Liquid and I have tested it extensively, sealing many different things around the house. I mostly liked the effects of it and there was not much that disappointed me – anyway, here’s what I really liked about it the most:


  • It’s very easy to fit it anywhere. Because it’s a liquid, you can easily pour it into cracks or roll it on a wall or on a roof making it extremely convenient to use and allowing you to protect any surface, regardless of its size. And, you can be sure that any holes are properly filled.
  • Flex Seal Liquid is highly resistant to many different conditions, including high & low temperatures, UV light, mildew and various chemicals. This makes it a kind of ‘set it and forget it’ option as you don’t have to reapply it on the chosen surface once it’s properly covered.
  • It is safe to use it around the plants and animals. This allows you to do much more with it than with other similar products on the market. You can seal a fishpond or a flowerpot with it and there will be no harmful effect.
  • You can paint it in any color you want. This means that you can make Flex Seal Liquid fit the surroundings with the color of your choice.


  • The only thing I didn’t like about Flex Seal Liquid is that on some surfaces it took a little bit longer to dry than I expected. Well, obviously it was worth waiting as now I won’t have to do anything with it for a long time, but still, I was a bit disappointed.

Best Place to Buy Flex Seal Liquid?

The best place to claim your own can of Flex Seal Liquid is the official website of the product as they offer some very sweet deals on it, and you can be sure you will get the right support after the purchase, should you need any.

Final Thoughts

Summing up, I am more than happy I listened to my inner voice when it urged me to buy Flex Seal Liquid the moment I’ve seen the commercial. I have fixed so many things around the house I would have otherwise probably never done anything with.If you have anything to seal around the house or just want to have something in case of a leakage or other emergency, this is in my opinion your best choice.

Is Flex Seal Liquid The Next Super Glue?

Flex Seal Liquid repairs Leaks

How many problems has that little tube of clear liquid solved over the last 30 years or so? Will that be what’s said of Flex Seal Liquid? If current feedback is any indication, it just could be.

There are a good many products out there which can be used to fill cracks, but when looking to see what else they do like waterproofing, that’s where the difference shows up.

Look, if Flex Seal Liquid is good enough to seal the cracks in the hull of a boat, and include a live well in that too, that should say a lot. Then again some need more convincing.

Repairing the crack in a Jeep windshield might get your attention, or the PVC pipes on the pump lines for a pool. Speaking of pools, how about sealing up a split in an above ground pool. These are all comments from “satisfied” customers found where anyone can see them.

Roof repairs on residential AND motor homes. Those roof repairs on residential homes can be tricky. After a hurricane passed through in Florida a few years back, a leak showed up on the ceiling. No less than 5 trips and countless applications of tar on the shingles DID NOT stop that leak!

It wasn’t till a very small dent in one shingle made by the pointed end of a fast moving tree limb, proved to be the culprit. That’s just to say that sometimes no matter if you use Flex Seal Liquid or plain ole’ tar, it has to go in the right place to work.

More than 235 customers talk about their successes with this sealer. It’s pretty much a fact that for everyone that will take the time to comment, there are 100 more that just don’t. This is about those with positive results. Statistics show that a satisfied customer is worth 10 times as much as their first purchase.

This is by no means a customer review. What it is should be classified as looking around to see what this Flex Seal Liquid is all about?

What’s all the buzz surrounding Flex Seal Liquid?

Get a load of this list of “fixes” people like you have made with this:

  • seals seepage in foundation
  • seals gutter ends to stop leaking
  • seals cracks in birdbath
  • can be painted over
  • sealed spaces around window a/c unit
  • roof seals
  • motor home roof joint•RV awning
  • seal around roof vent
  • cracks in the hulk of boat
  • jeep windshield
  • basement wall cracks
  • skylight on 5th wheel
  • leaky pool pipe
  • above ground pool leak
  • fiberglass garden pond leak
  • storage building
  • leaky flashing around heat pump
  • live well on boat
  • reduced temp on swamp cooler
  • resurface bathtub
  • rust spots on van
  • Stucco and pool deck sealed
  • drip irrigation system leaks
  • leaky chimney
  • barn roof
  • crack in slab sealed, still holding after 2 years

Why not look to see what needs fixing in your house, so you can add yours to this list. Some have commented Flex Seal Liquid seems a little expensive. Try replacing the ceiling in your home, or the foundation in your basement that ends up costing a fortune to fix. Expensive? Maybe not so much.

What Can Flex Seal Liquid Do For You?

Flex Seal Liquid ReivewsAs Seen On TV! Now don’t those words spark memories of so many things, many of which never came close to doing what you, the viewer, were led to believe? You bet! Yet today we continue seeing these ads, and viewers continue shucking out their money for mixed results.

So wouldn’t it be nice to find one, once in awhile, that really does what it says? Wouldn’t that restore some faith that not everything As Seen On TV is a scam? Well, get ready for that “one!”

Introducing Flex Seal Liquid

So it’s only fair to start off by saying what it is. Here’s the official Flex Seal Liquid® description:

“Flex Seal Liquid® is a thick, durable, mastic rubberized coating that is specially formulated to spray out as a liquid, seep into cracks and holes and dry to a watertight, flexible, rubberized coating.”

You get that…right? So maybe that “mastic” part is a little cryptic. Well it’s also known as Arabic gum. Didn’t know that did you? So don’t confuse this with gum arabic, because it may sound similar but it’s not.

Enough of that. On to the facts about what makes Flex Seal Liquid so different. Looking at over 235 customer reviews, It was amazing to see a continuous stream of comments of what problems this can of spray had solved.

More than 30 and counting, to be sure. It’s one of those things where you wonder what can’t it do?

Well, what DOES it do might be your question?

Glad you asked. One of the biggest that was repeated several times was sealing cracks in basement floors and walls. Now it’s one thing to say it’s sealed, but another to come back two years later to say it still is!

Another repair that was mentioned often was the roofline on 5th wheels and RV’s. This seems to be a great place to break loose and begin leaking. Again, success in stopping that problem.

A product that actually lives up to the hype! Now isn’t that refreshing. Here’s your challenge. What repair have you been putting off? Were the efforts to seal something unsuccessful with everything you’ve tried? Then it’s time to add your successful experience to the many comments of others. Maybe yours will be that odd ball thing that no one else has found a solution for. What are you waiting for? Get your Flex Seal Liquid Today!

Flex Seal Liquid: The Answer To All Your Sealing And Leak Problems

Flex Seal Liquid Review
Are Leaks bugging you?

Leaky floors got you down? Maybe you have a draft that wouldn’t go away. Would you like to put a watertight seal on a cracked basement floor?

You say you don’t want to pay to have it done by a contractor!

That’s why I bought this product and then found out what I could do with it I went wild.

What Flex Seal Liquid can be used for

Flex Seal is the answer to all mine and your leak and sealing problems. In an easy, to use size that can cover virtually all household problems. You can lay down a liquid that flows evenly and in a few minutes, your sealing problems go away.

My driveway that had an ugly crack running down the middle was transformed into an elegant looking place to park my car and resist any oil or coolant leaks from the car’s engine too. If you have a home shop like mine, you can now have a floor covering that protects the surface and keeps the elements at bay along the edges as well.

If you live in the city or Burbs and you have a flat or peaked roof that lets moisture leaks through, you can seal it dry, permanently.

These are just a few of the applications I found that Flex Seal Liquid was made for. Whether inside or out it is the perfect way to fix cracks, stop leaks, and make any surface waterproof.

I was asked by my neighbor, “Can I use Flex Seal Liquid to seal a wall?”
I took him into the new addition I was putting up. I showed him that it goes on with a brush or if you have a portable sprayer as I do, you can spray it on with ease.

This makes it ideal for sealing a garage or attic before adding insulation, which can save you big money during this coming tax season, as Uncle Sam will give you a break for sealing your home for energy leaks and cut your Carbon Footprint. This also lets you have a dry place to pursue your hobbies or work on the car.

My home is draft free too! Your home will be draft free as well and critters wouldn’t find an easy way to get in through gaps in your eaves and joints to nest and make your home theirs too.

But, I found the versatility of Flex Seal Liquid didn’t stop there.

My Tools and Sports gear became slip free.

Ever have a tool slip out of reach and break or scratch something it falls on? Worse yet, ever have a tool fall and land on your foot? Well those days are over as Flex Seal can give you a slip-proof grip and make your tools all look spiffy and they wouldn’t rust or stain either.

For you bodybuilders that have had a bar get away from you, as my son did, you can now make your barbells and weights stick to your hands like glue and they will not rust sitting in the garage or home gym.

Your Tennis/Badminton racket wouldn’t fly out of your hand when the play action gets intense and you can build and entire gym in your garage and give yourself a non-skid flooring to work out on that sweat wouldn’t stain and cleans with a damp towel.

Final thoughts

If you need somewhere or something protected from the element and water Flex Seal Liquid is your ticket to getting all your sealing, caulking, and cosmetic repairs done quickly and easily.

If you’re like me, you don’t need to be a home improvement wiz to use it either. Anyone young or old can use it to get any sealing job done in a flash.

So, next time you need any sealing done for your home remodeling or home DIY contraction project reach for a can of Flex Seal Liquid. It comes in 3 convenient sizes you can get just the right amount to do any job large or small.

When it needs to be sealed tight remember Flex Seal Liquid will do it right.

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